Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring Assessment and Organic Certification Assistance

Organic Certification Guidelines

Recently, Vermont released in-depth guidelines for organic certification of maple syrup. The demand for this credential is high, but the standards are complicated and mostly concerned with production and forest management. Northeast Forestry + Design is here to help. We assist maple syrup producers through these requirements and explain the documentation needed, to simplify the organic certification process for maple sugaring.

Forest Inventory: Taps Per Acre

For those looking to start a new maple syrup enterprise, our Forest Inventory service is the first step. A Forest Inventory is also recommended for those who have an existing operation who just bought a new or additional property or would like a more accurate tap count for economic reasons.

Conducting a Forest Inventory involves a process that calculates how many taps per acre are available in a given forested area. For example, if a maple syrup producer wants to know how many trees they can tap and what their production scale would be, we would conduct a taps per acre count. To do this, we measure how many trees meet the requirements for tapping in the forested area, and write up a report for that landowner.

If you're interested in learning more about our Forest Inventory service for assessing your sugar maple stand or would like to get a quote for one, contact us here.