Recreational Trail Mapping

Recreational Trail Mapping

Recreational trails help people enjoy and access more of their property. However, professional recreational trail mapping services are recommended to ensure that the trails are built properly. Many forest and field areas are appropriate for trail design and mapping, for hiking, biking, and ski trails.

At Northeast Forestry + Design, we're able to lay out trails according to length, difficulty, and type of recreational use, to incorporate special features on your property.

Forest Trail Maps

A trail layout that takes into account water flow and runoff, soil type, topography, and terrain is essential to safeguard natural resources while also ensuring the trails' longevity. Trails that are not built with these factors in mind frequently become unusable after a few years as a result of erosion, water quality problems, and muddy, poorly drained spaces.

At Northeast Forestry + Design, we also provide referrals and facilitate connections to trail builders. We have partners that specialize in machine-built mountain biking trails, as well as hand-built hiking trails for our clients.