Orchard + Garden Design

Orchard + Garden Design

Orchards and gardens can add immense value and breathtaking beauty to your property when done well. While it can be extremely satisfying to pick fresh foods from your garden or orchard, gardens can become frustrating when plants struggle to grow well.

At Northeast Forestry + Design, we have extensive expertise in ecosystem sciences and the intricate relationships that exist within our natural environments. This knowledge is extremely important when designing food production systems. With our insight, we can help you effectively plan your gardens and orchards, and assist you in efficiently using your land to produce crops you feel good about.

Orchard + Garden Design Services

  • Identification of soil type

  • Recommendations to help build your soil profile

  • Water resource management and irrigation design

  • Plant species recommendations that will accommodate your property

  • Drafting plans that will help you visualize your gardens and orchards